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What you’ll learn in all of our seminars and classes:

1) How To Make Your Own Youtube Show from Concept to Revenue Stream so that YOU are in control of your own career. 

2) How To Nail an Interview/General Meeting so that you make the most of every opportunity.

3) How To Work in Film & TV Without an Agent so that you aren’t waiting for someone else to make it happen.

4) How to Audition Like A Pro so that you can book work.

5) How To Put Yourself On Tape so that you can book work remotely.

6) How To Make Strong Choices as an Actor so that you always put forth your best work.

7) How to Discern What Agents Expect From The Parents of Child Actors so that you can have an effective and positive relationship with your kid’s reps. 

8) How to Keep Your Actor Kid Safe On Set so that you can feel comfortable as a parent. 

9) Understanding The Difference Between an Agent and a Manager so that you can make the right choices regarding rep for your kid. 

10) How to PREPARE for Auditions so that you feel comfortable and confident.

11) How to Write Your Own Material so that your kid can have a professional presentation.

12) Understanding the Industry Rules specific to Texas so that your child can work locally as an actor. 

13) How To Make Your Audition Tape The Best It Can Be so that you are always in the running for the part. 

…And so much more!


Participation Requirements

  • All child attendees must be between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age and will be divided into TWO GROUPS:
    Group One: Ages 6 - 10
    Group Two: Ages 11-17

  • All children must be at the event because THEY (the child) want to be there.

  • All children must be willing to be off electronics during instruction and shoots.

  • All children are needed for all hours of the event. (See schedule).

  • All children must arrive with their reel scenes memorized (this will be sent to you the weekend before the event).

  • All children AND parents must bring a positive attitude and a quest for knowledge and fun!