Three days of Classes with Working Professionals, Networking, and Top Industry Connections


If you’re serious about helping your kid achieve their big actor dreams, you have come to the right place.   

JOIN US at our next exclusive extravaganza–a jam-packed weekend in Austin, TX where we bring Hollywood to YOU. Three days of WORKSHOPS, HEADSHOTS, REELS, CLASSES, SEMINARS, AGENTS, CASTING DIRECTORS, and FUN.

This is going to be EPIC, Y’all! 


Integrity, knowledge, connections, &
a lot of fun.

A Variety of Classes
Everything from "How to Nail an Audition" to "How to Make Your Own YouTube Show!"

Panels for the Adults
Industry Professionals help YOU learn to guide your talented kid.

Texas BBQ Party
A huge opportunity to network with the Industry Folk.

Q&A Sessions with Experts
Finally get your questions answered.

Panels and Networking with Top Casting Directors
Local and Los Angeles-based.

A Headshot Session
Your kid leaves with a professional headshot.

A Reel Session
Your kid leaves with a state-of-the-art demo reel.

One-on-one meetings with Top Agents
Local and Los Angeles-based.


This productive & creative weekend is for you if…

  • You have a child who wants to act in film and TV, but you don’t know where to start

  • You want to get your kid in front of a Hollywood agent to receive some honest feedback.

  • You want to learn how to be a child actor in Los Angeles and still live in your hometown.

  • You want your child actor to have the tools they need to start (a professional headshot and a reel)

  • You want your kid to meet with some local agents and casting directors






The Bronze Box

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to empower yourself and get your questions answered by the experts! This is a weekend full of PANELS, SEMINARS, Q&A’s, CLASSES, and NETWORKING. If you have been thinking about a professional acting career for your child, but need just a little more information before diving deep, this is the tier for you. The Bronze Box level is for parents and children over the age of 12. (Price includes 1 adult and 1 child over 12 years of age).



The Silver Screen

For those of you who already have an agent, a headshot and maybe even a reel, BUT who don’t want to miss out on MASTER CLASSES, CONNECTIONS and HOLLYWOOD NETWORKING, this is the tier for YOU! Your child will spend three days studying acting with L.A. CASTING DIRECTORS, TEACHERS, and INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS while you (the parent) are free to attend the informative and helpful PANELS and Q&As with our EXPERT GUESTS. And of course, this tier includes the SUNDAY NIGHT BBQ NETWORKING PARTY as well!


The Gold Star

(Only 35 kids accepted for this Tier)

A PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT and a DEMO REEL are musts for any actor and we can't wait to set your kid up with both! Let our experienced PHOTOGRAPHER, award winning CINEMATOGRAPHER, professional COACHES, and skilled EDITORS guide your child through the process. Then, at the end of the weekend, enjoy the exclusive opportunity of having PROFESSIONAL WORKING AGENTS and CASTING DIRECTORS VIEW your child's brand new reel and headshot in a final presentation. Additionally, leave with a wealth of know-how and business savvy gained from the WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS and CLASSES.


The Platinum Package

(Only 25 kids accepted for this Tier)

For parents who want ONE-STOP-SHOPPING, look no further. The Platinum Package is the WHOLE ENCHILADA and offers your child the unique opportunity to MEET ONE-ON-ONE with our INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS in addition to EVERYTHING ELSE we offer. Your child will leave with a DEMO REEL, a HEADSHOT, be part of the NETWORKING BBQ be a participant in the DEMO REEL PRESENTATION, and have ONE-ON-ONES with AGENTS and CASTING DIRECTORS. A truly spectacular experience of learning and opportunity!

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 9.11.28 AM.png


Special Guest Speaker Katherine Willis - A Professional Actor who will share the tricks of the trade with YOU.

(You know Katherine from Friday Night Lights, The Son, and Long Road Home.)



Special Guest Speaker Brenda J Ambrize – An Austin based Casting Director who will share insight into the world of Texas casting with YOU.

(Recent clients include: Cici’s Pizza, Sea World, Miralax, CES 2018, SWBC, San Antonio Tourism, Bridgestone Tires, Spectrum, Deep Eddy Vodka, Toyota, UTHSA, San Antonio Spurs, and HEB.) 

We want your child to enjoy the same success as Michael Campion young star of “Fuller House”!

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Listen to our latest celebrity interview!

We were SO excited to get to interview MICHAEL CAMPION - one of the STARS of Netflix's #1 rated comedy series, FULLER HOUSE! Hear how this talented kid booked a HUGE HOLLYWOOD ROLE while still living in his home town in Florida. This is possible for your child too!

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Join the FB Group…

Our special interview with 9 year old EMMERSYN FIORENTINO - series regular on A LITTLE HELP WITH CAROL BURNETT on Netflix is up! Join the Film & TV Kids: Kid Actors with Mad Talent to watch!


While we can 100% guarantee that by attending this event you and your child will be given opportunity, access and valuable educational and marketing tools, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that attending this event will result in employment or representation. The goal of this event on the part of its producers is to empower, create, connect, and educate.




A huge thank you to our sponsors at New Republic Studios.